Eid Celebrations as a Foreign Employee: Tips and Etiquette

Millions of people have to migrate to other countries in search of a well-paying job so that they can take care of their families in a better way. When an employee leaves their country, they miss their relatives and friends and all those days they used to celebrate with them, like Eid-ul-filter and Eid-ul-Adha.

How To Celebrate Eid When You are a Foreign Employee?

When you are living away from your family and have a religious festival coming near, you should be prepared for it way before the day comes. If you are a Muslim working for a non-Muslim firm, the first thing you should do is apply for a leave for Eid. If you have not made any preparations for Eid, you can apply for leave one day before Eid to shop for Eid.

Look for a Mosque

Whether it is Eid-ul-filter or Eid-ul-Adha, all Muslims must offer Eid prayers in the congregation. So, if you are a practicing Muslim, you must look for the nearest Mosque, and if there is no mosque, you might find a community center where you could join for Eid prayers. Before you leave for prayers, take a bath and wear new clothes and perfume.

Plan an Outing with Muslim Colleagues

Many times several Muslims are working in non-Muslim firms; if you are also working in a place where there are more Muslims, you can plan a picnic with them. You can even plan a fishing trip.

Invite Your Friends for a Meal

If you are a good cook and know about the likes and dislikes of your Muslim colleagues, you can prepare a meal for them and invite them over for lunch or dinner. In many cases, the Muslim employees invite their non-Muslim colleagues too. This way, you send a message of peace and well-being. You learn to co-exist with people from different religious beliefs, nationalities, and cultures. These events may give a boost to your CV as you become more connected with more and more people.

Plan a Movie Watching Night

The young Muslim employees of multi-national companies feel depressed when they are away from their loved ones on the day of Eid. Many of them make a plan with their colleagues and go to watch a movie in Cinema. It is a sure formula to distract the attention of Muslim employees working in other countries.

You Can Go Hiking

Young employees have a tough work schedule and usually stay busy. On Eid, Muslim employees can plan a hiking trip with their friends and colleagues. It would help if you asked your professional CV maker to add your interests to your CV so that you can plan your Eid celebrations accordingly.

Dine Out

One of the most common practices among Muslims celebrating Eid away from home is of dining out with friends and colleagues. There is no problem in inviting your office colleagues for dinner. When you meet people out of the office environment you get a better chance of understanding one another. This way you are able to build strong connections.

Do Charity

One of the most popular practices that Muslims worldwide do, no matter if they have to make extra efforts to do so, is to spend money on charity. On the special day of Eid, as a Muslim, you should look for needy people and try to help them as much as possible. The Muslims start spending more on charity on Eid day and during Ramadan. It would help if you tried to provide the necessities to people in need. The feeling of satisfaction that you get by helping needy people is matchless.

Tips and Etiquette About Eid

There are many things related to Eid, and the first thing is to greet one another with Eid Greetings. Sweet dishes are prepared in every Muslim house and distributed among relatives and neighbors. The people who stay awake on the last nights of Ramadan try to rest on the day of Eid so they can join their office after Eid with a stress-free and relaxed feeling. Muslim religious scholars emphasize the offering of all prayers on the day of Eid to thank God for the countless blessings he bestows upon us.




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