How to increase interview chances – if the company recruits on LinkedIn?

Calling all LinkedIn users searching for their dream job on the platform. This is one of the best job-seeking platforms where you can connect with like-minded people, effectively enhance your social circle, and elevate your future.

However, with an overflowing of jobs and candidates, sometimes you don’t receive a callback, which can be disheartening. Well, not anymore, because we are here to become your ultimate savior. 

Did you just find a perfect job on LinkedIn and want to increase your chances of getting an interview? Then, this guide is for you. Here, we will walk you through the secret tips that made us stand out in the interview calls. And, for sure, they will work for you too. So, come on! Leave whatever you are doing and concentrate on the blog. This is going to come in handy in the future. Let’s go!

LinkedIn – Get More Interview Calls Through Our Tips

Step 1: Tailor Your Resume

Yep! You heard it correctly. Before applying for the job, make sure that your resume is top-notch. Furthermore, it should be uploaded to your profile and visible to the interviewer. Also, we would advise that your CV is not long enough. Instead, keep it short and up to 2 to 3 pages. That’s it!

Remember, the recruiter must be able to see your experiences and skills in one go. Make sure to add relevant keywords that will attract them. Also, we recommend making your resume visually appealing using a simple yet effective format. Now, come on! Let’s move to the next point!

Step 2: Use A Professional Profile Picture

You must be wondering how this connects with getting an interview call. Well, it is simple. The hiring committee, especially the one on Linkedin, finds it imperative. Also, according to the statistics, there is an 85% chance of your profile being viewed if it contains a profile picture.

Those with no pictures are pushed back or considered too shy to step out of their comfort zone, which is often a red flag in the job industry. Thus, if you would like a callback, we suggest you use a crisp and professional picture of yourself. Make sure the confidence radiates through the image. Believe us, the interviewers will like it. 

Need help with which picture you should upload? Here is a small guideline for you guys. They include:

  •  A white, black, or neutral background
  • A smile on your face. You don’t need to look like you just woke up from a nap ( Pun intended)
  • You should be wearing presentable attire.
  • It looks crisp and professional. 

Step 3: Optimise Your Linkedin Profile

Here comes the next tip. Do you want to get yourself shortlisted for an interview? Then, you need to keep your LinkedIn profile updated and optimized. For this, you must first check that your profile picture and resume are already present. Secondly, craft a robust and engaging headline that will attract the recruiters. Tell them what makes you the best and give valid reasons for hiring.

Check that there is a small professional summary containing all your highlights, skills, and achievements. This will enhance your chances of getting noticed by the interviewers. 

Next, make sure that your LinkedIn profile contains all the relevant keywords according to the job description you are applying for. Believe us. This will enhance your chances of ending up on the main page. You know what? We have an additional tip for you! Contact the LinkedIn Profile Writing Services and ask them to review your profile. Furthermore, you can even hire them to convert your boring profile into an effective and visually appealing one, AKA the one receiving the most searches. 

Step 4: Be Efficient With Your Replies

Here comes the next tip. Imagine the interviewer is trying to contact you; however, your unavailability or lack of replies makes them lose their interest. Do you want that? Honestly speaking, the recruiters are always in a hurry and hate late replies. This might make you lose your only chance of getting hired for your dream job. Hence, always note the word Always be on beck and call. Stay active on Linkedin and keep checking your messages from time to time. Answer efficiently yet professionally. And you will see the results yourself. 

Furthermore, apart from staying active on Linkedin, stay regularly active and reach out to hiring managers through emails, WhatsApp, and phone calls. Additionally, there is no harm in asking for a follow-up if you have not heard from them.

Step 5- Build A Robust Network

Do you know that 90% of people who get hired on LinkedIn have a robust network? They continuously connect with like-minded people in and outside of the domain. Furthermore, you can even reach out to the individuals hired in your dream company, build a professional network, and request a referral.  

Step 6: Lastly, Don’t Keep Linkedin Your Only Option

Yep! You heard it correctly. While LinkedIn is a good job-hunting platform, could you not keep it your only option? Instead, explore beyond this. Platforms like Facebook, Fiverr, and Upwork are other suitable options where you can find good jobs. You even ask your social circle to recommend you if there is a job opening. 


Well, this is the end of our guide. For those individuals seeking jobs on Linkedin and waiting for an interview call, these are some steps that can make you stand out. So, why wait anymore? Follow them and see how you will start hearing back from the recruiters in a matter of time. 

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