The Nine Types of Employees – and How To Motivate Them


In this instance, you need to know what works best for each individual. Only by determining this will you receive the finest benefits from them. One method to accomplish this is to understand what drives or motivates these individuals. So, without further ado, let us reveal the secrets.

Here are nine common employee kinds and how to best motivate them towards success.

1. Stable Employee

The Stable Employee is someone who values security and avoids taking risks. They value steadiness in their lives.
They are rarely looking for other opportunities. They prefer a predictable job atmosphere. While you may be concerned about employees interviewing elsewhere, this is not an issue.

Ways to motivate them: Informing employees about a company’s profitability is the most effective technique to inspire them. It provides people hope that their future will be secure in a company. However, they also value consistent workplace communication from their management. It makes them feel like a member of the organization and boosts their confidence in their role. Perfect CV Maker can design strong and perfect CV for such employees.

2. Friend-Seeker

They are affable people who get along with the majority of their peers. Therefore, they are generally extroverted and outgoing in nature.
However, these employees are most pleasant when they are surrounded by people they get along with. Moreover, they are quite enthusiastic when it comes to group activities.
Ways to motivate them: The feeling of belonging is essential for motivating this employee character in the workplace. However, they flourish in a team environment with lasting connections, social events, and opportunity to assist others. To encourage this group, you must foster a positive social culture amongst the team members. Office parties, trips, mixers, and other events can be used to do this.

2. Star Performer:

These folks are highly competitive. They are razor-sharp and have a “eye on the ball” mindset. A star performer is constantly in the limelight for their efficiency and work. Therefore, they never miss their targets and consistently rank near the top of the scoreboard in terms of results.

Ways to motivate them: Employee appreciation is the most effective way of encouraging these folks. Therefore, these people thrive in a competitive atmosphere with high staff morale.

4. Director Nature:

They frequently jump at the chance to lead projects. They are most likely to hold leadership positions. Ways to motivate them: As is their nature, the greatest approach to motivate them is to give them responsibility. However, their awareness of responsibility leads to management for them. You are able to make the most out of them in managerial roles.

5. Money Hunter

They are a highly objective and analytical bunch of people. However, these people also lead a luxury lifestyle. Moreover, one approach to detect these types of employees is to look at their previous jobs. Therefore, they always leave employment for better compensation rather than new opportunities. These people are also a little difficult when it comes to negotiating a deal.

Ways to motivate them: However, money is the most important motivator for these employees, you must provide a competitive compensation plan. Therefore, you should also check for healthy increments at regular intervals. Material things motivate these employees more than anything else.

6. The Expert personality

This type is known for their extensive reading habits. They have a wealth of information and are experts in their fields. Moreover, these are the people who always have the appropriate response to every scenario. Therefore, they are also commonly used by most workers to assist with their projects.

Ways to motivate them: Knowledge is this group’s ultimate motivator. In this aspect, personnel training and development are critical for them. They prefer to stay in a situation where they can learn new things.

7. The Creator:

These individuals are highly inventive. They value innovation and strive to improve many aspects of life. However, workers in these groups are always full of ideas during meetings. They are also terrific problem solvers and frequently provide helpful comments.

Ways to motivate them: The creators despise routine work. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you kept them on their toes with new tasks. However, they value workplace innovation and oppose long-term commitments to a single project. Moreover, you can drive this group by assigning them a creative position and recognizing their accomplishments.

8. Free Spirit Nature: They value autonomy and freedom.

These staff members like to operate alone without supervision. They prefer to operate independently, with discretion, and with control over their job. Ways to motivate them: As their temperament suggests, they despise micromanagement. To encourage them, delegate responsibility and place your trust in their efforts.

However, in order to achieve the best results, give them the ability to make choices of their own. Any intense scrutiny will undoubtedly demotivate them.

9. The Entertainer Nature:

These people live in the moment. They are easygoing and popular among the crowd.
An entertainer is someone that most people like being around. He/she has a highly positive attitude, which attracts a lot of people. They are also enjoyable to be around, which makes them the crowd favourite.

Ways to motivate them: You may stimulate this personality by ensuring an excellent work-life balance. A pleasant, informal work environment will motivate these individuals more than a full-fledged corporate setup. Having an encouraging connection with others in the team also helps to retain these personnel.

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