10 Killer LinkedIn Headline Examples for Job Seekers

The LinkedIn headline is a section at the top of a LinkedIn user’s profile that describes what they do in up to 220 characters. This short description will appear next to the username in search results. Readers should be directed to click on your profile to learn more about your experience and background. So you have to make a good impression. In this article, see a few LinkedIn headline examples perfect for jobs in UAE and learn how to write your own.

  • How To Write A LinkedIn Headline For Job Searching
  • The best LinkedIn headlines for job searches have a few things in common.
  • Show off your skills and expertise (What do you do?)
  • You should add current or previous positions if relevant to the position you are seeking
  • The best LinkedIn headlines for your job hunt share a few things.

Show Your Skills and Expertise

Only mention your current or past job titles if those are relevant to the jobs you’re pursuing now. Tell about the value you bring to a new employer. Include at least one keyword/phrase for the type of job you want, whether a job title or another keyword. Demonstrate something unique to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. It could be a specific accomplishment or an award. You’ll see some of this in the LinkedIn headline examples the certified LinkedIn profile writers provided. Let’s jump into examples of LinkedIn headlines for job seekers now, with ten things you should do to write a good LinkedIn headline.

Be Role Specific

B2B sales representative inside: 3.2mm generated in the year 2017.

Manager for digital ads: 6 years experience in 7-figure ad budget management

It is a great LinkedIn headline for job seekers who can quantify past results. Don’t take it lightly just because it’s not for sale. If you take the time to think about it, you can quantify your work in every role. For example. If you were a writer, how much content did you create? How many users did he support per week if he was a support person? Or how many requests have you solved? Nothing beats tangible results/evidence when convincing new employers that you will succeed.

Provide a Value Proposition

Recruiters and hiring managers usually need more time to read every potential employee during a search. Demonstrating a value proposition, expertise, or “so what?” is essential. Add it to your LinkedIn headline and get noticed.

For example:

Jim and Jacob CPA | Billing and A/R Advisor | Financial Planning and Analysis

A recruiter looking for a CPA who can do financial planning finds a job seeker on LinkedIn with the headline Accountant at Jim and Jacobs Company.

Industry or field

Examples of LinkedIn headlines:

Head of Human Resources at Oracle | Software Technology | Certified HR Trainer

Scientist of R&D at Pfizer | Oncology Research | Science Blog

Credit for this formula goes to career expert Jim Carl. The middle section of this heading focuses on Industry rather than years of experience. Therefore, this may be a better option for job seekers with less experience, but who have experience in the same Industry they are currently applying for.

Helping a Business Perform a Task

Social Media Manager | Helping Software Startups Manage and Increase their Social Media Presence to Increase Sales.

He helped coaches and consultants generate an additional $12,000-25,000 monthly through video ads.

What You Do/How You Exploit Someone’s Weak Points

Heading example:

Helping Manufacturers Increase Efficiency Through Process Engineering | GMP Certification | Project Manager | CQE

Keywords should be what recruiters or hiring managers look for in people with your skills and background. Sarah also added this tip:

Job Title

Heading example:

Strategist For Content Marketing Specialist In Press Releases, Blog Content, And Social Media

This relatively simple formula puts your job title and critical keywords at the top of your profile for immediate attention. It will drive more clicks from recruiters and hiring managers looking for the skills you’re highlighting.

X Years of Experience in Different Companies

8+ Years of Software Product Management Experience | Helping Technology Companies Grow and Deliver Superior Mobile and Web Applications

9 Years of Customer Support Experience with Several Fortune 500 Companies | We Help Global Brands Deliver Superior Customer Experiences


Creative advertising specialist and digital marketing planner

Engineering team leader and professional manager

Seeking Every Opportunity in a Particular Field

Reliable (CPA) or Certified public accountant in pursuit of a management opportunity

Financial analyst looking for a job in the private sector

Your Years of Experience in the Industry

Head of Human Resources | 10+ Years of Experience with People |Annual pass holder of Disneyland

Senior Manufacturing Engineer | 6+ Years GMP Manufacturing | Cat Crazy

The above examples may help you create a perfect profile page for LinkedIn.

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