Difference Between LinkedIn and Other Social Media Platforms?


Social media is not a new term for any person who has internet access. In the beginning, social media platforms were created to socially activate introverted people. People used it to find their far-off friends and family members with whom they had not been in touch for years. The use of social media platforms turned the world into s global village where people started finding their long-lost friends and this ignited a spark of life in all. Social media took the whole world by storm and in this regard, the world of business is no exception. The marketing of big and small businesses has largely shifted to social media marketing as it has now replaced many costly marketing methods. Though big businesses still invest a lot of money for the promotion of their business small business owners prefer using social media.  The main reason for this preference is the low cost that small business can easily afford. Social media marketing of any business is much easier than marketing that is done using other methods.

  • Each day, more and more people are turning to social media for their business promotion. The main reason why social media is gaining popularity in the business community is the affordability and ease of marketing. The other reasons why businessmen use social media for advertising their businesses are:-
  • Spreading the word about your business is much easier and faster as compared to conventional ways of advertising. This does not only help introduce your business but you can find your targeted audience through social media platforms.
  • People of all ages, nationalities, and genders use social media platforms and your business can get international recognition in no time at all.
  • When running an effective marketing campaign that asks for a fortune that you don’t have, the use of social media works best for your branding.
  • When you use social media for your business promotion you get reviews from the people who have used your products or services. This feedback helps you improve.

How is LinkedIn Different from Other Social Media Platforms?

To find the difference between other social media platforms and LinkedIn we have to have a better introduction to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Without knowing the other social media platforms it is difficult to differentiate LinkedIn from them.


The very first social media platform that millions of people joined and have been using for years is Facebook. It was started to help people get reconnected with the people they have lost touch with. Thousands of people found their relatives living in far-off places, many found their college classmates who have moved to different countries. This platform came into being to help people connect and share their feelings. Many people have no one to share their joy and sorrow with, the social media platform called Facebook for many people emerged as a shoulder to cry on and as a friend to share their joy and excitement. But for the last decade or so, it has become very popular in the business community too as it has become the easiest way to introduce a new business venture and promote an existing one.


Twitter is another popular social media platform that has millions of users across the globe. It is commonly used by the elite that including politicians, presidents of different countries, prime ministers, and even bureaucracy. It is also a popular platform for sports and movie stars where they interact with their fans and followers. It is a bit different from Facebook where people tweet about every event of their life, every new thought that they have, and every reaction that they have about world politics and their personal life. The elite of every country uses Twitter to react to global issues as well.


YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms but it is much different from all others as most of the YouTube content is in the form of videos. The content people share with others is through videos, animation videos, and whiteboard videos. People don’t share much in form of instant text messages nor does YouTube have a messenger service like Facebook.


LinkedIn is a unique social media platform that is specially created for the business community, people who want to start new businesses, and professionals seeking jobs. It is a platform where your profile plays a significant role in getting you a job. Even for businessmen, the business profile plays a vital role in attracting employees. Due to the importance of a good profile, many people hire a LinkedIn profile maker in UAE. The people living in UAE can get good jobs in their homeland if they have a professional-looking LinkedIn profile. Everyone is not an expert in making a good social media profile and might need the expertise of a LinkedIn profile maker in the UAE.

Once you have a perfect profile to post you can easily get a job provided you have all the skills that are required for a post. LinkedIn is a platform that is joined by businessmen from all over the world and when they need an employee they search LinkedIn and hire the person that meets their job requirements. Unlike Facebook people don’t use it much for friendship and socializing. The big names from the world of business post job ads and the people looking for work contact them. LinkedIn is more like a blessing for the people looking for jobs as they don’t have to physically move from one place to another in search of a vacancy and sometimes they are even interviewed through LinkedIn. Many companies from America and Europe even offer remote jobs that a person living in far-off places like Africa or Asia can apply for. LinkedIn has been a great help for people living in poor countries as it offers genuine jobs for genuine people. It is a unique platform where strangers meet to help each other grow and prosper.



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