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When it is about getting hired for a respectable position in a reputable organization the resume and the cover letter both play a vital role in getting you one. A few years back the resumes were typed for submission and there were no special formats for resumes. With the evolution in the world of technology, the job market has also undergone a lot of changes. The modern style of resume writing replaced the conventional style and all the detailing was left for the cover letter with only the short questions as a part of the resume. Today, resumes are made with the help of various apps that are used for the beautification of a resume. These apps offer different fonts and styles of resume writing which you can select according to your choice and requirement. The following are the most commonly used apps that help create extraordinary and attractive resumes very easily.

Zety Resume Creator

If you have been looking for affordable resume writing services in UAE and are still not able to find them, you can try your luck by creating your own resume using one of the best resume-creating apps called Zety. It is a popular online resume maker that has over one dozen blank templates for creating resumes. Cascade is the most popular of all templates that many users have used and have been hired due to the updated and stylish resume. The users call it a very convenient-to-use app that has impressive results in form of interview calls and then jobs. All along the process of creating the resume, you get tips from the app that guide you make the resume even better. Many people who hated updating their resume whenever they needed it, now find it very easy to do.

Among the most liked features are the built-in tips from experts as well as suggestions to make your resume look even better. The only negative point to this app is the non-availability of picture upload.

Live Career

If looking for an affordable resume writing service in UAE is a daunting task for you, you can take charge of your CV into your own hands and try the best apps to build your resume. Resume writing today, is much easier and smoother than it was a few years back. Today, extraordinary apps like live career help you make the best CV you have ever made without the help of any professional CV maker. The app has over two dozen resume templates to choose from. The paid version offers a money refund for 14 days after your purchase. There are some pros and cons to every resume-making app that is available on the market. Live Career offers an immediate preview of the resume, it offers a spell checker in the editor mode and expert tips in the entry boxes. The app has beautiful templates to offer for CV making. The negative point to this app is that in case you choose another template the previous one gets affected.

Resume Genius

Among the variety of resume-making apps in the market, there is one app that thousands of users use and satisfy with its result. One quality of this software that makes it stand out among the crowd of apps of the same nature is that the resumes made with the help of Resume Genius do not crash in the process of reaching the recruiter’s email. It does not only offer resume templates but also offers corresponding designs for the main thing called a cover letter. A resume that has an equally good cover letter to go with it is more attractive and gets more attention from the employer. The job resume that has a good cover letter to accompany it looks more consistent and so gets more attention.

CV Engineer

One more CV-making app that is good enough for people looking for the perfect CV maker in UAE is CV engineer. With limited features, you can use it for free. It offers a variety of resume templates and offers the resume in PDF format when done. In this, all you have to do is to choose the template of your choice and fill in the information honestly. The app has a user-friendly interface and is free of charge but they welcome your goodwill payments if you want to. It divides a CV into parts and saves them so that you can easily preview them with ease and make the changes that you want. It offers you the facility of saving your resume as a PDF file on Google Drive, WhatsApp, and Gmail. This app has helped thousands of users make new resumes and refresh their older ones. The latest version of this app has several new and attractive templates for you to use freely.

One of the best free resume builders that you can use to make a new and attractive CV or make changes to your old one according to the new style in vogue in the job market is This app has several free-to-use resume templates that you can use to update your existing resume or make a new one. It is split into different sections and fills each section separately.

Aristos Resume Builder

No matter if you need to submit a resume for an internship or you need to apply for an entry-level job all you have to do is to rely upon Aristoz Resume Builder and create an impressive CV and a cover letter. This app is free on the Android operating system and has excellent features that come in handy in the creation of a modern resume. Many people working in good firms have already used it for CV making and are now enjoying good positions in reputed companies.

No matter what type of office you want to join, you need a good resume maker, and the above-mentioned apps are excellent for this purpose.



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