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How to Make an ATS-friendly CV for Dubai Job

Is it true, then? Do you think ATS rejecting your CV and keeping Dubai hiring managers from even viewing it However, the good news is that not all of what you’ve heard about ATS is accurate. ATS is a crucial recruitment tool that you should comprehend. However, the goal of an ATS-friendly CV is not to prevent you from locating a job in Dubai.

What is ATS?

Applicant Tracking System is the full name. Therefore, to handle workflows, recruitment agencies in Dubai employ these software platforms.

ATS comes in a wide variety of forms. Also, some of the hiring companies in Dubai have their own custom ATS. However, a lot of people employ pre-made ATS programs.

Who or What Uses ATS?

Even though every ATS differs and is special in its own way, they all serve the same purpose. Its primary objective is to track resumes as they advance through the recruiting process. Moreover, The best CV writing services in UAE can also make your CV ATS-Friendly, as they have professional and experienced CV writers who can make your CV according to your choice.

Do You Need to be Wary About ATS?

Nothing eerie or sinister exists with ATS. Therefore, simply said, an applicant tracking system is a piece of software made to keep recruiters organized. Moreover, in fact, an ATS makes it easier for recruiters to store resumes. As a result, you will probably be contacted in the future regarding appropriate roles.

Will Your Dubai CV be Rejected by an ATS?

The ATS is not intended to make a final judgment on your resume or employment applications. Therefore, the individuals who select whom to shortlist and whom to reject are Dubai recruiters. For this reason, I advise you to make your Dubai CV for a human reader rather than an ATS or you can get help from CV writing services in the UAE

The purpose of ATS is not to reject your resume. The purpose of an ATS is to assist a staffing firm in managing its workflow.

So, Yes there are methods you can do to “get past the ATS” and appear as a better overall match to a job description. However, the recruiter will not shortlist you if they don’t like what they see on your CV.

Four Stages to Writing an ATS-friendly CV

If you follow these 4 steps, your CV will be prepared for every ATS you may meet. Each step is shockingly quick and easy to carry out.

Use a Dubai CV Template with a Logical Layout and Structure

Therefore, you should use a one-column template with a straightforward layout for your ATS-friendly CV for Dubai. It should follow a consistent format and flow from top to bottom. Furthermore, most computer software reads from top to bottom and left to right, just like a human reader. In light of this, your CV should be formatted accordingly.

Make your Dubai CV Format Formatting Consistent

Have you ever submitted your resume for a job only to discover that some details are missing? This problem is frequent and most likely results from your CV template’s inconsistent formatting.

Your CV’s information is assigned to specific fields in the application by the Applicant Tracking System. such as your DOB, academic background, or work experience. Formatting errors cause confusion in this procedure.

Therefore, this information parses more accurately when the formatting is consistent. Also, Dates, firm names, and job titles should all follow the same format throughout your CV.

Only Plain Text Should be Used for Information On Your Resume

Only the words you filled out as sentences can be understood by ATS. Moreover, it is unable to comprehend graphics or infographics. However, you should convert this to text if you utilize firm logos for your work history or photographs to demonstrate your expertise.

Recruiters frequently come across CVs with a lot of graphic imagery in Dubai. Moreover, when writing a CV for the Dubai job market, this is among the errors that many job seekers make. As a general guideline, if you want an ATS-friendly CV, don’t include any photographs on it.

Avoid Storing Your Resume as an Image File

Try not to submit your ATS-friendly CV as a JPG or PNG file.  Always submit it in the form of a Word document or on PDF. Moreover, you ensure that all of the relevant information will be retrieved if you upload your CV as a PDF. Also, to accomplish this, highlight all the important content, copy it, and then paste it into a plain Word document. You’re good if everything is collected and still makes sense.



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