9 Signs of a Boring Resume

An employee’s resume functions more akin to a mirror. Even while it might not perfectly capture who you are. Therefore, it is up to you to make it as true as possible; otherwise, it will come off as a dry or boring resume.

An employer looks through a lot of resumes and cover letters throughout the interview process.

While some of these resumes get employers to say, “Wow,” others elicit no response at all; they are referred to as dull resumes. This list will undoubtedly indicate to you whether or not your boring resume

The Most Boring Resume Symptoms:

1. A Disorganised Presentation

The presentation is what counts before looking at the CV. Your resume will look uninteresting if it is poorly presented and lacks section-by-section separation. The mind will become disorganised as to where to concentrate and what each division covers.

2. Paragraph Instead of Bullets

This might be a more significant mistake than simply replacing the bullet points with a paragraph.

Long paragraphs that recite your accomplishments, employment history, and other details may not be able to hold the reader’s interest.

Rather, one must insert bullet points whenever possible. The resume may appear more focused and direct if there are bullet points. However, paragraphs would make it appear dull and uninteresting.

3. The Same Old Lines

Recruiters have probably seen a lot of boring resumes in their careers, so it’s more probable that they will notice even a small attempt to use an old line.

For example, there’s a sense of “less creativity” from the moment the resume section opens because the word “objective” is used so much.

It is recommended that candidates refrain from utilising the same old sentence on their resumes because it makes the document seem uninspired and unoriginal.

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4. Not Suitable For the Job Description

You wouldn’t attend a board meeting wearing the same conventional attire, just as you wouldn’t send in or pass on a boring resume that is identical to every job description.

Since the skill requirements for various positions vary, you should learn to adapt your resume accordingly.

If your resume focuses primarily on your software talents and you are applying for a job that needs someone with hardware flare, they will likely find your CV to be quite dull.

5. Absence of a “Me” Feeling

It’s common knowledge that resumes should adhere to a set format to improve readability and reduce miscommunication.

That being said, merely copying the format and adding your information doesn’t transform a resume into “your resume.” Your CV ought to include anything that will show who you are.

For example, a CV for a graphic designer needs to include some graphics. If your resume does not accurately represent you, recruiters will find it uninteresting, formulaic, and tedious to read. So exercise caution, borrow the concept, but reinvent it.

6. Jargon

Steer clear of utilising all the terms that you hand-picked from the thesaurus or technical jargon. Determining if a word choice is a result of your extensive vocabulary or whether you are simply selecting words at random to create an impression is much simpler.

Using positive language in place of negative ones is harmless, but you must make sure that it sounds genuine and artistic.

When a resume uses these terms excessively, it loses its impact and becomes tedious to read through.

7. Beautiful Handwriting

Even though Microsoft Word has a multitude of handwriting styles, we frequently struggle to decide which one to use.

It is also important to remember that a resume is a formal document, thus using beautiful handwriting won’t do.

Standard fonts include Arial Black and Times New Roman. You have the option to select different typefaces, but you must make sure they maintain the same professional attitude.

Using any old font on your boring resume will either confuse the recruiter or make it difficult to read. You must stay away from it.

8. Vibrant Colours

The use of colour in a resume is encouraged. But make sure how well the client can combine the colours will determine if the resume looks tacky or improves overall.

Do not use yellow colour in your resume. Additionally, some consumers alter the page’s colour.

Modifications to the conventional white background—that is, white paper—may make it appear cheesy. Thus, employing an excessive amount of colour without any consistency on your resume may

9. General Statements

You should provide examples to support your claims, such as your ability to multitask or your strong communication abilities while making these claims.

If not, all of your claims will stay general until they are supported by progressively stronger evidence. Furthermore, be sure you truly comprehend everything you are saying.

Sometimes you add something incoherently without fully understanding what it means.


Because your resume represents you. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to have one that is well-written with thoughtful organisation, and engaging content. Your resume should never be dull, and you can achieve this by following the above-mentioned steps.


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