How to Create a Strong Online Presence for Job Hunting

The present era is that of hiring through social media platforms like LinkedIn and the more actively you participate in relevant activities the brighter your chances of getting a job.

Submitting a resume with a cover letter is a thing of the past. If you want to land your dream job you have to prove your online presence. In yesterday’s years, the job applicant had to go to the company office to drop off their CV, and then had to call them again and again to check the status of their application. The present era is that of social media and those who want to get hired in the leading industries have to apply for jobs the way they could be noticed by them easily. All the big names in the business industry, now use social media platforms to search for suitable employees for different positions. Though several social media platforms are popular the one that most people use to hire and get hired is LinkedIn.  According to some surveys conducted in the year 2020, more than 98% of employers searched for the most suitable person on social media.

Why Do Many Knowledgeable and Experienced People Don’t have a Social Media Presence?

Most of the knowledgeable and experienced people don’t have social media presence because they belong to the generation where all the people were not computer literate and just have little know-how of it. The people who don’t know how to use social media and how to create their social media profiles have to hire the services of LinkedIn profile writing service in Dubai, for their job search. Nowadays, people who belong to the old generation are also learning new ways to search for a job.

The creation of a Strong Online Presence is Must for a Good Job

In the digital era of today, where everything is being done online, hiring a person for a job is no exception. The majority of businesses are dependent on social media platforms when hiring. The people in search of jobs have to keep up with the speed of the recruiters to work proficiently. Having a strong online presence has become as important as having years of experience to occupy a senior position. People looking for suitable jobs should try to make their social media profiles according to the latest trends. If they don’t know anything about it they should hire LinkedIn profile writing services in Dubai.

How to Strengthen Our Online Presence?

Your social media profiles should be a true reflection of your professional traits and experience. Many people still are not aware of the importance of a professionally made profile and what role it plays in attracting a potential employer towards you. The following are some methods following which you can strengthen your social media profile according to the job market trends of today.

One common mistake that most people make when building an online profile is the use of old photos, and not updating the information about themselves. For example, people keep learning new things and doing new courses, but they do not update it in their profile. If you want to land your dream job you should create a profile that matches the requirements of the present job market. In case you don’t know how to make a profile you should hire LinkedIn profile writing services in Dubai.

You Should Care for Your Image

Nowadays, people don’t keep any information or emotion to themselves and share it on social media. Sometimes you post such things that create a negative impression about your personality. You should keep your public profile and personal profile separate. No matter what type of social media profile you have you should post things that are not objectionable to anybody. The use of social media has made it easy for recruiters to check the personalities of job applicants. If you want to create a good impression on your employer make sure that you never post any inappropriate thing.

Stay Proactive

The extensive use of social media has made it possible to connect with professionals and leading firms without knowing them. It will be beneficial for you to search for the leading companies and professionals using your LinkedIn profile. Make efforts to contact the recruiters directly occasionally. By doing this you will be able to know the leading companies that have vacancies to offer. Avoid making too many inquiries as it may spam them.

Post Content to Attract Employers

You can use social media to your advantage by posting things that could attract your potential employers. If you post things that reflect your knowledge and experience in your professional field the companies looking for staff might think highly of you. You can use your network to share industry-related information on your social media profile.

Join Groups

One of the most popular and easiest ways to make your online presence noticed is to join groups. The more groups you join the bigger network you can build. You should be an active participant in discussions about the market and business world. The more actively you participate in group discussions about your field of profession the more the chances of you being noticed.

Get Connected

When you join groups, you find more people who share your point of view and your interests. You should actively interact with them and develop as many connections as possible. When an employer searches for a suitable person for a post he checks your social media profile and looks for your public relations capability and your knowledge through your posts.

Attend Events

One more thing that can help boost your social media presence is your attendance at different online events. The more frequently you attend online events the better it is for the enhancement of your social media profile.

So, if you want to get hired by any of the best companies in the industry you should make the best use of your social media profile.

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